Hymenaea courbaril L. var. courbaril

GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: Heartwood and sapwood distinguished by color, heartwood ranging from yellowish brown to reddish brown, yellowish white sapwood; imperceptible smell and taste; high density; hard to cut; regular to irregular grain; medium texture; low-gloss surface.

DENSITY: Bulk density at 15% moisture is 960 kg/m³

DRYING: Air-dry wood with little deformation. The presence of cracks and warping is observed when drying is very fast. Air drying must be carried out in a place protected from direct sunlight, with good ventilation, to avoid radial cracks.

WORKABILITY: Jatobá wood is moderately easy to work, it can be planed, glued, screwed and nailed without problems. It has resistance to turning and cutting. The finish is good. Accepts painting, varnish and light.

DURABILITY: the species Hymenaea courbaril L. is considered to be highly resistant to termites and white and brown rot fungi, but susceptible to marine borers. In contact with the soil Hymenaea stilbocarpa Hayne had an average life of less than 9 years and was considered moderately durable.

USES: civil construction, furniture and others.