Cedrela odorata.

GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: heartwood and sapwood distinguished by color, pinkish-beige heartwood; glossy surface; noticeable smell, pleasant and characteristic, slightly bitter taste; low density; right grain; medium to coarse texture.

DENSITY: Bulk density at 15% humidity is 530 kg/m³.

DRYING: air drying is fast with little defects. Oven drying is easy, warping and cracking do not occur.

WORKABILITY: Cedro wood is easy to plan, saw, sand, drill, nail, glue and turn. It has a good finish, in some cases resin exudation may occur.

DURABILITY: Shows moderate durability to attack by woody organisms (fungi and insects). There is variation in heartwood durability, some species are resistant to attack by subterranean termites and dry wood termites, other species are very susceptible to attack by these organisms.

USES: civil construction, furniture and others.