Social impacts

Blue Timber seeks a close relationship with the communities surrounding its management units. Part of the workforce that works in forest management activities comes from these communities, after receiving training and qualification. And the products that supply the company are also purchased in stores in the region. It is income that goes back to the communities and heats up the local economy.

All employees also receive the support they need to work safely, including uniforms and personal protective equipment. The field bases have modern energy generators, gas station, drinking water, internet, cafeteria, laundry, restrooms and comfortable accommodation.

PDF of the Public Summary of the Forest Management Plan of the Paru State Forest (UMF IV) 2024-2025.

Av. Serzedelo Corrêa, 805 – Sala 808, Batista Campos, Belém – Pará. CEP: 66033-770.

Estrada Vicinal da Serra Azul, S/N – Lote IV Flota Paru, Serra Azul, Monte Alegre – Pará. CEP: 68.220-000.

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