Astronium lecointei Ducke

GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS: Heartwood and sapwood distinguished by color, heartwood variable from beige-pink to dark-reddish brown, with darker streaks; moderate brightness; imperceptible smell and taste; high density; hard to cut; irregular grain; medium texture.


  • Apparent at 15% humidity (rap, 15): 970 kg/m³
  • Basic (rbasic): 810 kg/m³

DRYING: When air drying, Muiracatiara wood presents warping and cracking problems. If artificial drying is too drastic, deep cracking and surface hardening can occur. (Jankowsky, 1990).

WORKABILITY: Muiracatiara wood is easy to work and allows an excellent finish. Receives paint and varnish well. (Jankowsky, 1990).

DURABILITY: Muiracatiara wood is very durable, not being attacked by insects or dry wood termites. (IBAMA, 1997a) In field trials, it demonstrated natural durability of less than seven years. (IPT, 1989a) In a marine environment, it was intensely attacked by perforating organisms. (Lopez, 1982).

USES: civil construction in general, carpentry, joinery and finishing, floors, furniture, pallets, tool handles, turned parts, posts and pillars, sleepers, plywood, decorative laminates, blocks, door and window frames, beams, rafters, slats , frames for boats, hangers.